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Dr. Stanley Zlotkin received his medical training at McMaster University and McGill and obtained a Ph.D. in Nutrition at the University of Toronto. He has worked as a clinician-nutritionist and research scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children since 1980. He is currently a Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto, a senior scientist in the Research Institute of the Hospital for Sick Children, Medical Director of Nutrition Support at The Hospital for Sick Children Chief of the Division of Gastoenterology and Nutrition at the Hospital. He recently became a Research Fellow in the new University of Toronto Centre for International Health. As well as being a consultant on nutritional issues to Canadian Federal and Provincial governments, he is past Chair of the Nutrition Committee of the Canadian Paediatric Society and past Chair of the Research Ethics Board of the Research Institute of the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Zlotkin's research interests involve:

(i) clinical trials to treat and prevent iron and other micronutrient deficiencies;

(ii) establishing evidence-based nutrition public policy. He has active research projects in Canada (supported by Health Canada and the CDC), Ghana (supported by the CIHR), Mongolia (supported by World Vision and the HJ Heinz Foundation) and China (supported by the HJ Heinz Foundation).

He recently (September 2001) received the HJ Heinz Humanitarian Award (for his international efforts related to micronutrient deficiencies).
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