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In an effort to improve compliance to prevent iron deficiency anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies, an alternate micronutrient delivery system for infants and toddlers has been suggested by our group. This system involves a novel packaging method and source of iron that is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and distribute. Essentially, lipid encapsulated iron (soy-lipid) in powder form is packaged into individual sachets as a single daily dose. Parents can be easily instructed to mix the contents of one sachet per day into a bowl of any infant weaning food. Encapsulation of the iron source, ferrous fumarate, prevents the iron from interacting with the food thereby preventing unacceptable organoleptic effects associated with iron supplementation such as metallic-aftertaste and change of color, smell or texture to foods. In vitro dissolution studies have demonstrated that the lipid encapsulate will dissolve in the low pH of the stomach leaving the iron available for absorption. A number of international field trials are ongoing to test the efficacy of this novel supplementation method. The results from one of our most recent studies in Ghana have demonstrated that Supplefer/Iron Sprinkles:

  • Are as efficacious in treating iron deficiency anemia in infants as the standard treatment of oral iron drops
  • Are specifically directed towards infants, the group at risk
  • Do not conflict with breastfeeding practices
  • Supports the introduction of age appropriate foods because it is mixed into complementary weaning foods including homemade foods by the caregiver
  • Are inexpensive
  • Can be mixed with other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, C, D ;and zinc to improve nutritional status

Summary: Supplefer Sprinkles are single-serve sachets of tasteless dry powder. This powder consists of vitamin C and encapsulated iron. Other micronutrients (such as the B vitamins, vitamins A, D and E; folic Acid, zinc, copper and iodine) may also be added.Supplefer Sprinklesare intended to be "sprinkled" or stirred into any food-including rice, barley, congee or porridge. Each sachet is a single dose and does not require special measuring or handling. The cost of Supplefer Sprinkles is not prohibitively high.

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